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                                                                               Get Lashed 

                                                                                                                   By Janelle Cutler

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard the term “get lashed” being used all around you. It has become such an innuendo throughout the beauty industry and is especially used by those talented Estheticians that create our beautiful blinks, as a marketing phrase. It’s no secret that for years women have enhanced their lashes. From mascara to extensions and all in between, we have been getting lashed since the beginning of beauty, right? With that being said, it’s only right that I share with you the launch of Chase Beauty Lashes! 

Created and designed by beautiful Esthetician and owner Andrea Chase, she created a collection for my favorite type of woman, the diva. The variety in each collection is unmatched with a beautiful blend of volume, length and drama! Want a wild, fun or flirty look? She got you covered with a vast variety. These 3D silk and mink lashes will speak for you with one blink, you won’t have to utter a word. Are you ready to get lashed? 

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